2020-06-14 22:25

Korona Kielce – Lech Poznań 0:3

In the last league match before playoffs, Lech Poznań beat Korona Kielce 3:0. Gytkjaer scored a hattrick in Kielce and is now a comfortable leader of the goal scorers' table.  

Lech was putting pressure on Korona’s defensive lines since the very first whistle and within a few minutes, they managed to create a good goal-scoring opportunity. Rogne initiated the offensive attempt with a precise long pass and the ball eventually reached Jóźwiak who was waiting in the box. The midfielder found some space to shoot but failed to hit the target. Lech was in control of the game but for a while struggled to create scoring chances. In the meantime, Korona because more and more courageous and started occasionally causing problems to their opponent’s defensive line. First, one of Korona’s header flew a few centimetres next to the post, and then a couple of minutes later van der Hart was forced to intervene in a direct clash with Kiełb. The first half ended with a goalless draw since neither of the sides managed to find the back of the net.

However, the situation changed drastically in the second part of the match. 3 minutes after the referee resumed the game, Tiba raced into the box and spotted Gytkjaer who was well-positioned and had no problems converting his teammate's pass into an opening goal. Korona was determined to equalize but just when they started gaining an advantage over their rival, Lech was awarded a penalty kick for a handball which was spotted by VAR. The Danish striker approached the ball and placed it in the back of the net confidently. Before Korona could get back up on their feet, Lech copied the offensive attempt that gave them the first goal and Gytkjaer added a hattrick to his account, this time following Puchacz’s assist. The defensive line from Poznań effectively secured the goal for the remaining part of the game, hence Korona failed to catch up to their rival and it was Lech that collected all three points whilst van der Hart added yet another clean sheet to his personal account.

The win helped Lech advance to the fourth position in the league table. As a result, the team from Poznań will play four out of the seven playoff games at home. However, the first match of the final phase of the season will be an away clash with the current Polish Champions, Piast Gliwice.

Korona Kielce – Lech Poznań 0:3 (0:0)

Goals: Christian Gytkjaer (48., 65. – kar., 68.)

Yellow cards: Ognjen Gnjatić, Adnan Kovačević, Matej Pučko, Mateusz Spychała – Kamil Jóźwiak

Korona Kielce: Marek Kozioł - Mateusz Spychała (71. Michal Papadopulos), Themistoklís Tzimópoulos, Adnan Kovačević, Grzegorz Szymusik - Matej Pučko, Ognjen Gnjatić, Jakub Żubrowski (88. Iwo Kaczmarski), Petteri Forsell, Andrés Lioi (66. Michael Gardawski) - Jacek Kiełb

Lech Poznań: Mickey van der Hart - Bohdan Butko, Lubomir Šatka, Thomas Rogne (77. Djordje Crnomarković), Tymoteusz Puchacz - Jakub Kamiński (69. Michał Skóraś), Jakub Moder, Pedro Tiba (78. Juliusz Letniowski), Dani Ramirez, Kamil Jóźwiak - Christian Gytkjaer

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