2020-09-20 21:35

Lech Poznań - Warta Poznań 1:0

Lech triumphed in the first Poznań Derby since 25 years. The blue & white team beat Warta Poznań 1:0 in a home clash thanks to a well-executed penalty kick from Jakub Moder.

Even though Lech was an indisputable favourite, it was Warta that dominated the opening minutes of the match. The guests didn’t lack courage nor determination against a seemingly stronger opponent. Tworek’s players created tow good goal-scoring opportunities early in the match but neither Kuzimski nor Trałka managed to convert them into goals. Lech replied with a great offensive attempt that ended with the ball rolling into the back of the net. However, the referee disallowed Ramirez’s goal following video verification which revealed that Ishak, the author of the assist, was offside.

Lech regained control of the game in the second half whereas their rival focused solely on guarding their goal. Up until the 90th minute, Warta was very effective in the defence. However, Trałka’s unlucky intervention, which was ruled as a handball, gave Lech a perfect chance to collect three points and they did so following Moder’s confident execution of a penalty kick. As a result, the hosts won their first league match of the 2020/21 season.

Lech Poznań – Warta Poznań 1:0 (0:0)

Goals: Moder (90+1. penalty)

Lech: Bednarek – Czerwiński, Šatka, Rogne, Puchacz (76. Kravets) – Marchwiński (57. Tiba), Moder – Skóraś (66. Awwad), Ramirez, Sýkora (57. Kamiński) – Ishak (76. Kacharava).

Warta: Lis – Grzesik, Kieliba, Ławniczak, Kuzdra – Trałka, Kupczak – Rybicki, Janicki (65. Czyżycki), Jakóbowski (65. Rodriguez) – Kuzimski (73. Jaroch).

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