2022-05-14 19:00

Warta Poznań - Lech Poznań 1:2 - Lech wins Polish Championship!

For the 8th time in the club’s history, Lech Poznań has been crowned Polish Champions. In the pre-last league round of the season, Skorża’s squad beat Warta Poznań 2:1 whilst their main opponent, Raków Częstochowa lost to Zagłębie Lubin – as a result, the team from Poznań has won the 2021/2022 PKO BP Ekstraklasa season.

The Poznań derby held in Grodzisk Wielkopolski did not begin well for the side from Bułgarska street. In the 10th minute, Mickey van der Hart fouled Milan Corryn inside the box, hence the referee awarded Warta with a penalty kick which Michał Kopczyński converted into a goal. The atmosphere within Skorża’s squad became tense.

However, it didn’t take long for Lech to equalize. In the 22nd minute, Joao Amaral changed the score to 1:1 with a beautiful, technical shot into the corner of the goal. Before the referee announced halftime, Mikael Ishak added a goal of his own – the Swede was in the right place at the right time and he redirected Pedro Rebocho’s flat shot from outside the box, therefore surprising the goalkeeper. His tap-in from a close range was impossible to stop.

The second half was very uneventful – Lech remained in control of the game and carefully held onto the win until the last minute. Following the final whistle, the players drove back to their home ground to watch the end of the clash between Raków and Zagłębie. They knew that if their opponent from Częstochowa lost points, Lech would be crowned Champions.

Zagłębie was awarded a penalty kick in the final minutes of the match which Kacper Chodyn successfully converted into a winner. The goal aroused pure ecstasy among Lech’s squad. The players went on to celebrate with the fans until late at night.

Warta Poznań — Lech Poznań 1:2 (1:2)

Goals: Michał Kopczyński (10-penalty) — Joao Amaral (22), Mikael Ishak (45)

Warta Poznań: Jędrzej Grobelny — Jan Grzesik, Mateusz Kupczak, Dawid Szymonowicz (46. Aleksander Pawłowiec), Robert Ivanov, Jakub Kiełb (90. Michał Jakóbowski) — Frank Castaneda, Łukasz Trałka (2. Michał Kopczyński), Miguel Luis, Miłosz Szczepański (61. Jayson Papeau) — Milan Corryn (61. Niilo Maenpaa)

Lech Poznań: Mickey van der Hart — Joel Pereira, Lubomir Satka, Antonio Milić, Pedro Rebocho — Dawid Kownacki (77. Adriel Ba Loua), Radosław Murawski, Joao Amaral (84. Dani Ramirez), Jesper Karlstrom (84. Nika Kvekveskiri), Jakub Kamiński — Mikael Ishak.

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