2019-08-24 23:25

Raków Częstochowa – Lech Poznań 2:3

In the 6th round of PKO Ekstraklasa, Lech beat Rakow Czestochowa 3:2. Muhar’s and Gytkjaer’s goals helped the team from Poznan collect all three points in a climactic match.

The opening minutes, although dominated by the guests, were rather slow and mundane. Lech would create scoring chances once in a while, but most of them – including Puchacz’s and Muhar’s attempts – were easily stopped by Rakow’s defense or simply imprecise. However, in the 30th minute, the team from Poznan was more effective – Jevtic converted a free kick into a beautiful pass which was – slightly accidentally – redirected into the back of the net by Muhar. Shortly afterwards, the score changed once again. Jozwiak was one-on-one with the keeper, but instead of shooting, he decided to pass the ball to Gytkjaer and the latter tapped it into the net. Despite having a couple of chances to score the third goal, Lech left for halftime with a solid two-goal advantage.

The fans might have thought that Lech had the match under control, however, Rakow’s performance in the second half was surprisingly impressive. First, Szczepanski’s shot stopped on the post, and then shortly later, the referee gave the hosts a controversial penalty kick following Satka’s foul in the box. Schwarz had no problems converting the penalty kick into a goal. Rakow kept on attacking, forcing van der Hart to intervene numerous times. Lech Poznan had goal-scoring opportunities too, but Jevtic’s shot flew above the crossbar and Gytkjaer’s header was off target. In the 73rd minute, the referee gave Rakow yet another penalty kick, this time because of a handball. Van der Hart was very close to stopping Schwarz’s second attempt, however, the latter managed to equalize. 10 minutes later, the score changed again. This time, Gytkjaer converted Jevtic’s pass into a goal, helping Lech secure an important league win. The closing minutes of the match were dramatic with Makuszewski receiving a second yellow card, but the team from Poznan didn’t let go of the win, hence they could add 3 points to their league account.

Raków Częstochowa – Lech Poznań 2:3 (0:2)

Goals: Petr Schwarz (51. - pen., 74. - pen.) – Karlo Muhar (30.), Christian Gytkjaer (32., 84.)

Yellow cards: Tomas Petrasek (53.), Arkadiusz Kasperkiewicz (70.) - Robert Gumny (41.), Djordje Crnomarković (81.), Maciej Makuszewski (89., 90.), Volodymyr Kostevych (90.)

Red cards: Maciej Makuszewski (90.)

Raków Częstochowa: Michał Gliwa – Dawid Szymonowicz, Tomas Petrasek, Arkadiusz Kasperkiewicz – Jakub Apolinarski (69. Daniel Bartl), Bryan Nouvier (63. Felicio Brown Forbes), Petr Schwarz, Igor Sapała (89. Andrija Luković), Miłosz Szczepański, Patryk Kun – Sebastian Musiolik

Lech Poznań: Mickey van der Hart – Robert Gumny, Lubomir Šatka, Djordje Crnomarković, Volodymyr Kostevych – Tymoteusz Puchacz, Karlo Muhar, Pedro Tiba, Darko Jevtić (88. Thomas Rogne), Kamil Jóźwiak (75. Maciej Makuszewski) – Christian Gytkjaer (86. Paweł Tomczyk)

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