2022-05-08 21:00

Piast Gliwice – Lech Poznań 1:2

With just two rounds to go, Lech Poznań became the leader of PKO BP Ekstraklasa. As a result of Raków’s draw against Cracovia, Lech finally got the chance to bounce back to the top of the table and a dramatic win against Piast (2:1) enabled them to overtake the team from Częstochowa.

The Saturday events that took place in Upper Silesia caused plenty of people a lot of stress. Before Lech played their 32nd league game of the season against Piast, their main opponent – Raków Częstochowa – faced Cracovia in an away game. The game played in Cracow had a lot at stake – if Marek Papszun’s team lost points, Lech would finally have a chance to overtake the team from Częstochowa in the league table. Raków did in fact lose points – they drew against Cracovia 1:1 – and Lech’s squad learned about the fact as they were warming up for their match.

However, there was no time to rejoice since the team from Poznań was about to play a very difficult match against Piast. They kicked off very well with an opening goal in the 16th minute. Joel Pereira crossed the ball from the right flank into the box and Jakub Kamiński’s precise header left the goalkeeper helpless. After the match, the winger admitted that his attempt wasn’t a shot, but a pass, however, what did matter was that Lech was in the lead.

Unfortunately, the joy didn’t last long since shortly after the break, Piast equalized. Just seconds after the match resumed, Damian Kądzior converted a quick, impressive offensive attempt into an equalizer with a strong, flat shot. Lech’s squad started showing signs of stress as Piast, mobilized by the goal, started putting pressure on their opponent’s defensive line whilst Skorża’s team failed to find a rhythm. In fact, Lech struggled until the end of the match but despite that, they still managed to score a very important goal worth three points.

It was Nika Kvekveskiri’s corner kick execution that turned out to be the decisive plan of the match, if not the whole season. The Georgian midfielder crossed the ball towards the further post, Lubomir Satka extended the pass, and Mikael Ishak – despite being marked by two defenders – cleverly placed it in the back of the net with a header. The goal aroused pure euphoria amongst Lech’s squad.

The team from Poznań still has two matches to play. If they manage to win both games, they will be crowned Polish champions for the first time in 7 years. During the upcoming weekend, Skorża and his team will face Warta Poznań, and in the last round, they will play against Zagłębie Lubin at home.

Piast Gliwice — Lech Poznań 1:2 (0:1)

Goals: Damian Kądzior (46.) — Jakub Kamiński (16.), Mikael Ishak (88.)

Piast Gliwice: Frantisek Plach — Constantin Reiner (46. Michael Ameyaw), Jakub Czerwiński, Ariel Mosór — Martin Konczkowski (80. Arkadiusz Pyrka), Tom Hateley, Michał Chrapek, Tomas Huk, Jakub Holubek (46. Alexandros Katranis) — Kamil Wilczek (67. Alberto Toril), Damian Kądzior (90. Michał Kaput).

Lech Poznań: Mickey van der Hart — Joel Pereira, Lubomir Satka, Antonio Milic, Pedro Rebocho — Adriel Ba Loua (63. Michał Skóraś), Radosław Murawski (83. Kristoffer Velde), Joao Amaral (78. Dani Ramirez), Jesper Karlstrom (78. Nika Kvekveskiri), Jakub Kamiński — Mikael Ishak

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