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Maciej Borowski appointed goalkeeper coach

Lech’s coaching staff is now complete. Maciej Borowski will join John van den Brom’s squad as a goalkeeper coach. “We want evolution, not revolution,” explained Lech’s Sporting Director, Tomasz Rząsa.

Maciej Borowski joined Lech’s Academy two years ago. He was tasked with coaching the B team keepers as well as overseeing the coaching of all goalkeepers in the club and the goalkeeper coaches. Now he will work alongside the senior squad.

Maciej Borowski signed a two-year contract which will last until June 30th, 2025,” explained Tomasz Rząsa. “We want evolution, not revolution. Maciej has been working closely with his predecessor, Maciej Palczewski, hence we decided to stick to the same patch. We give our coaches an opportunity to keep on developing. We are sure that Maciej is ready for this next step, especially since he is very familiar with the players that he will coach – he worked with Bartosz Mrozek, Mateusz Mędrala, and Mateusz Purchniewski in the past,” added Lech’s Sporting Director.

Since the beginning of his coaching career, Borowski was connected to Warta Poznań where he worked for nearly 10 years on all levels, apart from the top-flight. Throughout his time at Warta, the Greens won two promotions. Then, the next 3 years Borowski spent atPogoń Szczecin. Finally, in 2021, the coach joined Lech Poznań Academy. Simultaneously, Borowski has also been working for the Polish FA for the past 11 years – for squads from U-15 to U-20. In addition, he has been involved with the coaching school where, alongside Andrzej Dawidziuk, he helped with all the projects and conferences related to coaching (e.g. Talent Pro).

One of Borowski’s biggest assets is his familiarity with the players that he will work with, that is, Filip Bednarek, Bartosz Mrozek (who is returning from a loan), and two talented youngsters - Mateusz Mędrala and Mateusz Pruchniewski.

“I had the chance to work with Bartek back when he played for the B team. The two young goalkeepers I’ve been overseeing with my colleagues from the Academy for the past two years. Meanwhile, I’ve had the opportunity to observe and cooperate with Filip Bednarek thanks to Maciej Palczewski, with whom I really enjoyed working. We talked a lot about coaching, on the phone and face-to-face. In the winter period, it is thanks to him [Palczewski] that I worked alongside the senior squad for 2-3 weeks. Hence, I'm not new to it either. Throughout the holiday period, I will watch all the matches and analyse the goalkeepers in order to be fully prepared for my first da at work,” explained Borowski.

The new goalkeeper coach was born in Poznań and has been a Lech fan since childhood. He went to numerous games and knows a lot of players. “My family are Lech supporters, my father being the biggest fan. The blue-and-white blood has been running in my veins since I was a child, even though when I was younger, and then later as a coach, I was involved with Warta. In 2021, after a long journey, I joined the Lech family and the story continues,” emphasized Borowski. “At the beginning of my coaching career, when I began my education with Andrzej Dawidziuk, my biggest dream was to work at Bułgarska Street. Back then, it seemed a very distant vision. Now it’s a professional challenge. It’s another, important step for me."

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