2018-02-07 16:00 Lech Poznań

Lech Poznań - Znicz Pruszków 3:0

Lech Poznan defeated Znicz Pruszkow in the last sparring match of the winter pre-season. Moder, Khoblenko, and Vujadinovic set the final score to 3:0

Lech’s players dominated since the first whistle and opened the scoresheet in the 4th minute. De Marco crossed the ball towards Jozwiak and the latter passed to Moder who was positioned just outside the box. The young player sent a precise shot into the back of the net. Before the first quarter was over, the hosts had two more good scoring chances. However, neither Janicki’s header, not Majewski’s shot from outside the box were on target.

Bjelica’s team tried playing with as little touches as possible and the difference between the two sides was vastly visible. In the 24th minute, Moder could have scored his second when he received a good pass from Khoblenko, but his flat shot was easily stopped by Znicz’s keeper.

In the 33rd minute, Majewski had a good scoring chance. The midfielder’s strong shot from outside the box was saved by the goalkeeper, but not without problems. Gradually as time passed, the 2nd-league players attacked more often, but they struggled to build goal-scoring opportunities in Lech’s penalty area. The best scoring chance Znicz took place in the 42nd minute when Smolinski hit the side net of the goal.

Bjelica decided not to make any substitutions at halftime. The second half kicked off with a shot from one of Znicz’s players, but Putnocky intervened without an error. 3 minutes later Lech’s team responded with Tomasik’s attempt that was slightly off target. Meanwhile, in the 55th minute Kolijic – Lech’s newest signing – appeared on the pitch. Within a couple of minutes, the score changed once more. This time it was Khoblenko who scored following an impressive individual attack. 5 minutes later Lech’s players set the score to 3:0. Vujadinovic received a great cross from the corner of the pitch and converted it into his first goal for the team from Poznan.

The last couple of minutes of the match were played at a slower speed and the score remained unchanged. Therefore, the game ended with a solid win for Lech. It was the 5th match this winter pre-season that Lech finished unbeaten.

Lech Poznań – Znicz Pruszków 3:0 (1:0)

Goals: Moder (4.), Khoblenko (57.), Vujadinović (61.)

Lech Poznań: Matus Putnocky (55. Bartosz Przybysz) - Mario Situm, Rafał Janicki, Nikola Vujadinović, Vernon de Marco (55. Elvir Koljić) - Jakub Serafin, Jakub Moder, Radosław Majewski - Kamil Jóźwiak, Oleksiy Khoblenko, Piotr Tomasik

Znicz Pruszków (starting line-up): Piotr Misztal - Mateusz Długołęcki, Piotr Klepczarek, Przemysław Dwórzyński, Paweł Tarnowski - Marcin Wasielewski, Adrian Małachowski, Marcin Smoliński, Maciej Machalski, Patryk Czarnowski - Patryk Kubicki

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