2023-05-06 23:00

Lech Poznań – Cracovia 3:0

3 goals in the first half and a confident win against Cracovia – this is what the Saturday afternoon at Bułgarska Street looked like. Lech beat their opponent from Cracow 3:0 in front of a 30-thousand crowd.

The first half was an impressive performance from Lech’s senior squad, particularly the Norwegian winger Kristoffer Velde. He opened the scoring sheet in the 22nd minute, taking advantage of a great pass from Artur Sobiech, tricking Cracovia’s goalkeeper and placing the ball in the unguarded goal. A few moments later, the Norwegian player sent a beautiful, long, technical pass to Filip Marchwiński and the latter chipped the ball over the keeper and into the net. Before the referee announced halftime, it was already 3:0 for the hosts and once again Velde played a key role. This time he set Michał Skóraś with a good pass and the Polish winger placed the ball in the goal with a clever shot.

The fans gathered at Bułgarska Street didn’t see any more goals in the second 45 minutes despite the hosts having plenty of chances to change the score. In fact, Lech did find the back of the net once, but the ball left the pitch before Alan Czerwiński passed it to Jesper Karlstrom and the goal was disallowed.

In the upcoming league round, John van den Brom’s squad will face the newly crowned Polish Champions – Raków Częstochowa – at 5:30 pm on Sunday.

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