2017-11-04 23:00

Górnik Zabrze - Lech Poznań 3:1

Lech Poznan lost the clash with Gornik Zabrze 1:3. Christian Gytkjaer scored the only goal for the team from Poznan.

Zabrze began the game with two shots from outside of the box, but neither of them precise enough to cause problems to Lech’s goalkeeper. However, in the 13th minute the keeper was helpless. The referee awarded Gornik with a penalty kick following Janicki’s foul and Angulo converted the chance into a goal.

Lech focused on equalizing and 2 minutes later the players from Poznan already had a chance to score. Kostevych crossed the ball into the box where Gytkjaer was waiting, but Gornik’s keeper turned out to be faster than the Danish forward. In the 23rd minute, the score should have changed to 1:1. Jevtic sent a pass into the box and Gajos managed to reach the ball, however, his header was just slightly off target.

Just when it seemed that Lech would score an equalizer, it was Gornik that added another goal to their account. Lech was warned that their rival is great in set pieces, but the team from Poznan struggled to stop them. This time the hosts were given a free kick and Kurzawa’s cross into the box hit one of Lech’s defenders and reached Zurkowski who beat the goalkeeper with a shot from outside the box.

Lech kept on having good scoring opportunities in the second half too. Makuszewski crossed the ball into the box where Gytkjaer and Jevtic were waiting, however, neither of them managed to reach the ball and redirect it into the back of the net. A moment later Jevtic decided to fire a strong shot from outside of the penalty area, but his attempt was stopped by Suarez. In the 57th minute Majewski had a chance to score. Gytkjaer recovered the ball from one of the defenders and passed to his teammates, but the latter’s attempt was off target.

Lech needed to remain cautious because Gornik’s offensive actions were difficult to stop. An hour into the match Kurzawa came very close to scoring the 3rd goal when he hit the post. Shortly afterward, in the 62nd minute, Lech finally succeeded and scored. Makuszewski received a pass from Majewski who fired a shot at the goal. Gytkjaer changed the path of the ball and it fell into the back of the net. Gajos and Majewski both had another good scoring opportunity, but they were either blocked, on their attempts were off target.

Lech was clearly on fire and with Rakels coming in as a substitute, the concentrated on the offensive only. Gytkjaer had a chance to score his second goal following a good pass from Makuszewski but he failed to convert it into an equalizer. It was Angulo that actually scored a double that night. The forward received a pass coming from his own half of the pitch, raced towards Lech’s goal and beat Putnocky effortlessly, setting the score to 3:1.


Goals: Angulo (13), Żurkowski (34), Angulo (75) - Gytkjaer (62)

Yellow cards: Matuszek, Grendel

Górnik: Tomasz Loska - Adam Wolniewicz, Mateusz Wieteska, Dani Suarez, Michał Koj - Damian Kądzior (78. Erik Grendel), Szymon Mateuszek, Szymon Żurkowski, Rafał Kurzawa - Łukasz Wolsztyński (70. Maciej Ambrosiewicz), Igor Angulo

Lech: Matus Putnocky - Robert Gumny (60. Deniss Rakels), Emir Dilaver, Rafał Janicki, Volodymyr Kostevych - Łukasz Trałka, Maciej Gajos, Radosław Majewski (80. Nicki Bille) - Maciej Makuszewski, Christian Gytkjaer, Darko Jevtić (80. Mihai Radut)

Attendance: 24 563

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