2017-01-11 15:00 Lech Poznań

Lech signs Kostevych

Volodymyr Kostevych has just joined Lech Poznan senior squad. On Wednesday the 24-year-old defender signed a contract with the club from Poznan. The agreement last until December 2020.

The 24-year-old is a homegrown player of UFK Lviv, however, for the past 6 years he has been playing for FC Karpaty. In the latter club, he appeared in 93 games and scored 5 goals. In addition, the Ukrainian footballer has 7 caps in the Ukrainian youth national teams on his account.

“I am thrilled to have signed a contract with Lech. The transfer is a chance for me to improve my skills. I want to fight for trophies and I know it is possible for me to succeed here in Lech,” said Kostevych. “I try to play like a modern defender. I join the offensive often and I like to send the ball into the box. The team matters the most to me,” added the new player.

Lech’s vice-chairman is happy to have two equally competitive left defenders in his squad. “Our aim was to bring to Lech an offensive-minded left-back. We hope that Kostevych will meet our expectations. Thanks to this transfer every position on the field is well-casted. In addition, two new young footballers joined the team, Puchacz and Tomczyk. Now they have someone to learn from. We are waiting for the upcoming training camp, the friendly games, and we are excited about the upcoming league matches,” said Piotr Rutkowski.

The defender is the second player who’s been signed by Lech in this transfer window. Mihai Radut for the first one to join the squad from Poznan. “Any further transfers depend on whether any of the players will leave the team. The squad is well-casted and we have good rivalry on every position. Only players who leave can open room for bringing new ones. The transfer window is short and dynamic, but it hasn’t yet ended. We are ready for whatever is to come,” said Rutkowski.

Kostevych has already met his new teammates. The newly signed defender joined the rest of the squad on the Wednesday training session.

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