2022-07-09 23:55

Lech Poznań – Raków Częstochowa 0:2

Lech won the Polish Championship title, but in the Super Cup clash, it was Raków that triumphed. On Saturday, the team from Częstochowa beat Lech 2:0 and won the Polish Super Cup trophy.

It’s a tradition for the Super Cup final to kick off the football season in Poland. However, this year, the date of the match was unfortunate from Lech’s perspective – only four days before did the Poznań squad face Qarabag FK in Champions League qualifications (1:0), and just hours after the Super Cup final, the team would have to travel to Azerbaijan for the second leg.

Therefore, it was obvious that some of the key players would rest during the match against Raków – only three players who appeared on the pitch against Qarabag made it into the starting line-up for the Super Cup game, that is Antonio Milić, Jesper Karlstrom, and Radosław Murawski. Meanwhile, Raków still has a couple of weeks before they began their qualifications for Europa League which put them in a much more comfortable position and allowed them to send in their best XI.

For a long while, it seemed that even though Lech was playing with substitutes, they didn’t stand apart from their rival, but shortly before the break, Lech’s defensive line made a costly error – Racovitan helped convert a set piece into a goal with a volley. Following halftime, Lech received another blow, this time though it was Wdowiak who found the back of the net. The second goal left Lech’s players visibly hopeless and despite having a few goal-scoring opportunities, they failed to turn the tables.

As a result, it was Raków that was awarded the Super Cup trophy. On a positive note, Lech’s latest transfers – Gio Tsitaishvili and Afonso Sousa – as well as homegrown player Maksymialian Pingot – had successful debuts for Lech’s first team.

Lech Poznań - Raków Częstochowa 0:2 (0:1)

Goals: Bogdan Racovitan (43.), Mateusz Wdowiak (51.).

Lech Poznań: Filip Bednarek - Alan Czerwiński, Nika Kvekveskiri, Antonio Milić, Barry Douglas – Adriel Ba Loua (74. Michał Skóraś), Jesper Karlstrom (64. Afonso Sousa), Filip Szymczak, Radosław Murawski (74. Maksymilian Pingot), Giorgi Tsitaishvili (74. Kristoffer Velde) – Artur Sobiech (58. Dani Ramirez).

Raków Częstochowa: Vladan Kovacević – Bogdan Racovitan, Zoran Arsenić, Milan Rundić – Fran Tudor, Ioannis Papanikolaou (84. Igor Sapała), Ben Lederman (88. Szymon Czyż), Patryk Kun - Mateusz Wdowiak (78. Władysław Kocherhin), Vladislavs Gutkovskis (78. Sebastian Musiolik), Ivi Lopez (84. Wiktor Długosz).

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