2018-10-27 23:00

Pogoń Szczecin - Lech Poznań 3:0

Lech failed to extend its run without a league loss. In the 13th game of the season, the team from Poznan was beaten by Pogon Szczecin 0:3. Podstawski, Dvali, and Buksa scored the goals for the hosts.

The opening minutes of the match brought optimism to the fans from Poznan. In the 4th minute, Lech got the best scoring opportunity of the first half when Joao Amaral had a one-on-one chance with Pogon’s keeper. However, before the Portuguese could fire a shot, Walukiewicz took the ball away from him. Since then on, it was Pogon that dominated the match. In the 18th minute, Drygas’s attempt from outside the box stopped on the post. However, 4 minutes later the hosts successfully placed the ball in the back of net following a beautiful shot from Podstawski.

Pogon wasn’t about to stop on one goal and kept on looking for ways to score another. In the 26th minute, Buksa’s shot from within the box was off target. Lech responded with two shots from Gytkjaer, both of which were successfully blocked by Pogon’s defensive line. In the 40th minute, the hosts changed the score to two-nil thanks to Dvali who recovered the ball in Lech’s box and placed it in the back of the net. Shortly before the end of the first half, Tiba had a chance to add a goal to Lech’s account but Zaluska intervened without mistakes.

Pogon played well in the second half too and very quickly managed to score another goal thanks to Buksa, but this one was ruled offside by the referee. 8 minutes later, the same player put the ball in the back of the net again, setting the score to three-nil. Following the goal, both teams slowed down and neither of them had any chances to change the score, hence Lech lost the Saturday league clash.

Pogoń Szczecin - Lech Poznań 3:0 (2:0)

Goals: Tomas Podstawski (22'), Lasza Dwali (40'), Adam Buksa (60')

Yellow cards: David Niepsuj (16'), Marcin Wasielewski (45'), Dimitris Goutas (86')

Pogoń Szczecin: Łukasz Załuska - David Niepsuj (77' David Stec), Sebastian Walukiewicz, Lasha Dvali, Hubert Matynia - Zvonimir Kożulj, Tomas Podstawski - Kamil Drygas, Sebastian Kowalczyk, Radosław Majewski (83' Spas Delew) - Adam Buksa (83' Michał Żyro)

Lech Poznań: Jasmin Burić – Marcin Wasielewski (57' Maciej Makuszewski), Dimitris Goutas, Thomas Rogne, Vernon De Marco, Volodymyr Kostevych – Pedro Tiba, Łukasz Trałka, Joao Amaral (57' Kamil Jóźwiak) – Christian Gytkjaer, Darko Jevtić (66' Dioni)

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