2018-10-05 16:00

Górnik Zabrze - Lech Poznań 2:2

In the 11th league game of the season, Lech drew with Gornik Zabrze 2:2. Tiba and Kostevych got the goals for the team from Poznan.

The hosts were the better team in the opening minutes of the game. Shortly after the first whistle, Dani Suarez attempted to head the ball into the back of the net but Putnocky intervened confidently. A couple of minutes later, on the other end of the pitch, Jozwiak’s shot off target didn’t cause problems to Gornik’s defensive line. The hosts successfully converted their next offensive action into a goal. Jimenez beat Putnocky in a one-on-one clash and the score changed.

Djurdjevic’s players quickly recovered after the conceded goal and took control of the match. Despite building numerous scoring chances, the team from Poznan lacked accuracy and therefore struggled to score an equalizer. 25 minutes into the match, the hosts attacked once more. Zurkowski sent a perfect pass to Angulo who was positioned in the box and the forward fired a shot that was just slightly off target. 5 minutes later, Lech responded with a shot from Tiba that was easily stopped by the goalkeeper.

A moment later, Amaral raced towards Gornik’s box and sent a well-timed pass to Jozwiak who was in a perfect spot to equalize, but the youngster’s shot was imprecise. Meanwhile, Makuszewski’s attempt from shortly afterward flew above the crossbar. Gornik’s goalkeeper had to intervene in the next offensive action but after that, neither of the teams managed to create a scoring chance and the first half ended with a one-nil win for the hosts.

The second half began with another goal for Gornik. Zurkowski was left with a lot of free space and fired an amazing shot from outside the box which left Lech’s keeper helpless. However, the team from Poznan quickly responded with a goal of their own. Tiba sent a cross into the box from the left flank but the ball’s rotation left the defending players confused and as a result, the pass turned into a goal.

Lech was determined to equalize but attempts, such as Amaral’s header, were off target. Meanwhile, Gornik caused problems to their rival’s defensive line with counterattacks and corner kicks, occasionally forcing Putnocky to intervene. The duo Kostevych-Amaral was very active in the offensive but struggled to find a way to place the ball in the back of the net.

Finally, in the 77th minute, Lech equalized. Kostevych led the counterattack and after losing the ball, the left-back was determined to recover it and when he did, he put the ball in the back of the net with a precise shot. The team from Poznan wasn’t satisfied with a draw and kept on attacking. Gytkjaer had a one-on-one opportunity to beat the keeper shortly afterward but he failed. A couple of minutes later, Amaral had a chance to set the score to 2:3, but his shot was too weak, thus game ended with a draw and the two teams had to share points.

Górnik Zabrze - Lech Poznań 2:2 (1:0)

Goals: Jesús Jiménez (7’), Szymon Żurkowski (49’) - Pedro Tiba (55’), Volodymyr Kostevych (77’)

Yellow cards: Daniel Smuga (54’), Igor Angulo (73’) - Marcin Wasielewski (51’), Thomas Rogne (68’), Christian Gytkjaer (71’), Maciej Gajos (84’)

Górnik Zabrze: Tomasz Loska - Przemysław Wiśniewski (83’ Kacper Michalski), Dani Suarez, Paweł Bochniewicz, Adrian Gryszkiewicz - Daniel Smuga (64’ Konrad Nowak), Maciej Ambrosiewicz, Szymon Żurkowski, Jesús Jiménez, Kamil Zapolnik (72’ Szymon Matuszek) - Igor Angulo

Lech Poznań: Matus Putnocky - Marcin Wasielewski (57’ Vernon De Marco), Rafał Janicki, Thomas Rogne, Volodymyr Kostevych - Maciej Makuszewski, Mihai Radut (69’ Maciej Gajos), Pedro Tiba, Kamil Jóźwiak (59’ Darko Jevtić) - Joao Amaral, Christian Gytkjaer

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