2019-05-07 15:00

Money.pl nomination for Lech

Lech Poznan has been nominated for the Company of The Year award bestowed by Money.pl. “It’s the first Polish football club that embraces financial transparency. The fans are given an insight into what the money from Lewandowski’s and Bednarek’s transfers was spent on. In addition, it’s an opportunity for Lech to highlight its achievements,” explains Money.pl.

Money.pl award is the first plebiscite which recognizes the leaders of the Polish economy, both the individuals and companies that fuel the market and industries. In the first edition of this annual award bestowed by Money.pl, Lech Poznan found themselves on the list of nominated entities. The final decision regarding the winner will be taken by the jury which includes, et al: Michał Brański, Janusz Filipiak, Anna Strzeżyńska, Paweł Borys, Sebastian Buczek and Łukasz Wejchert.

“A nomination for such a prestigious award is the result of all the hard work we have done over the past years to ensure that the club’s financial organisation is right. We put a lot of effort into building the club’s fundaments on appropriate values. We are also sure that this hard work will also have an influence on the sporting performance in the future, which is what the fans crave most,” explained Karol Klimczak, Lech’s chairman.

As Money.pl highlights, the past few seasons have been the best ones in the club’s history in terms of financial performance. Lech successfully achieved that through income diversification. Last year, the team from Poznan recorded an all-time best revenue of 22 million PLN. The details of Lech’s financial performance were revealed – for the second time already – in a financial audit. It is worth noting that the club from Poznan was the first Ekstraklasa team to choose this particular method of ensuring financial transparency.

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