2018-01-23 19:00 Lech Poznań

Lech Poznań - FC Etar 4:3

In the second sparring match played during the training camp in Turkey, Lech beat FC Etar 4:3. Jevtic, Wasilewski, Situm, and Gytkjaer scored the goals for the Polish team.

Since the first whistle, Lech tried imposing their style of play whilst their Bulgarian rival focused on the defense. Lech got the first scoring chance in the 9th minute, but Jozwiak’s shot flew above the crossbar. 15 minutes into the match, Etar’s players became more active in the offensive. In the 18th minute they were awarded a free-kick following a hand-ball, but Etar’s attempt was easily blocked by Lech’s defenders. Shortly afterward, the Bulgarian players scored the first goal of the match. Stojanov, who was left unmarked, unexpectedly recovered the ball and he beat Lech’s goalkeeper with a flat shot.

It didn’t take long for Lech to equalize. 2 minutes later Khoblenko was fouled in the box and Jevtic converted the penalty kick into a goal. Just when it seemed that Lech regained control of the match, Etar took the lead once more. Batrovic, well-known for his performances at Widzew Lodz, received the ball close to the box and with an impressive shot, he left Lech’s goalkeeper helpless. Shortly afterward, the young Polish keeper was beaten for the third time. This time Wasilewski fouled Stojanov inside Lech’s box and the same player converted the penalty kick into a goal.

During halftime, coach Bjelica replaced the goalkeeper and Przybysz came in. Lech was visibly determined to change the outcome of the match with all players working hard in the offensive, especially Klups. In the 50th minute, Lech succeeded and scored the second goal. Tetteh’s precise pass in front of the box was converted by Wasilewski into a strong flat shot the fell into the back of the net. An hour into the match, Bjelica made 10 substitutions and enabled the 16-year-old Plesnierowicz to debut for the first team. In the 70th minute, Situm had a good goal-scoring chance when he received a pass from Gajos, but the Croatian’s attempt flew above the crossbar. Shortly afterward, the former player of Dinamo Zagreb sent a precise pass to Gytkjaer, but the Dane was unsuccessful too. In the 74th minute, Lech finally managed to equalize thanks to Situm’s magnificent attempt from the flank which completely surprised Etar’s goalkeeper.

7 minutes before the final whistle Lech took the lead. Barkroth’s individual run was finished off by Gytkjaer who was waiting for a pass in the box. The Dane left the goalkeeper helpless and set the final score to 4:3, adding yet another goal to his account and helping his team win the third sparring match in a row.

Lech Poznań - FC Etar 4:3 (1:3)

Goals: Jevtić (29.), Wasielewski (50.), Situm (74.), Gytkjaer (83.) - Stojanov (26., 40.- penalty), Batrović (36.)

Yellow cards: Wasielewski, Jóźwiak - Galabov

Lech Poznań: Bartosz Mrozek (46. Bartosz Przybysz) - Robert Gumny [(30. Marcin Wasielewski)(61. Wiktor Pleśnierowicz)], Thomas Rogne (61. Nikola Vujadinović), Emir Dilaver (61. Rafał Janicki), Piotr Tomasik (61. Volodymyr Kostevych) - Abdul Aziz Tetteh (61. Łukasz Trałka), Jakub Moder [(30. Tymoteusz Klupś)(61. Nicklas Barkroth)], Radosław Majewski (61. Maciej Gajos) - Darko Jevtić (61. Mihai Radut), Oleksiy Khoblenko (61. Christian Gytkjaer), Kamil Jóźwiak (61. Mario Situm)

FC Etar (initial XI): Hristo Ivanov - Georgi Pashov, Ivan Skerlev, Plamen Galabov, Dusan Mladenović - Georgi Sarmov, Rumen Rumenov, Ivan Valchanov, Veljko Batrović, Ivan Stojanov - Erik Pochansla

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