2019-06-22 18:55

Lech Poznań - Widzew Łódź 3:0

Lech won the first training match of the 2019/20 pre-season. The team from Poznan beat Widzew Lodz 3:0 following goals from Tiba, Skrzypczak, and Jevtic.

For the past 6 days, Lech’s senior squad has been preparing for the upcoming season in Opalenica where the training camp is being held. Widzew Lodz – who is currently staying at the same training facilities – was Lech’s first pre-season opponent. The team from Poznan was in control of the game throughout the first half of the match, however, it was Widzew that fired the first shot. In the 7th minute, the team from Lodz approached Lech’s goal with a great team play and the defensive line from Poznan was forced to intervene. Meanwhile, the top-division side didn’t get a scoring chance until the 16th minute – that’s when Lech was given a corner kick which Jevtic converted into a cross and Muhar – one of the most recent transfers – redirected it towards the net. However, unluckily for the team from Poznan, the header stopped on the crossbar.

Towards the end of the first half, Lech started creating more goal-scoring opportunities. Finally, one of them resulted in the first goal of the season. Tiba, with the help of Amaral, placed the ball in the back of the net following a rebound. 5 minutes later, Widzew replied with Smolka’s dangerous shot which was first stopped by van der Hart, and then hit the post. Skoras, Jevtic, and Makuszewski all attempted to change the score before the referee announced halftime, but none of them was successful.

The second half began perfectly for the squad from Poznan – their first scoring attempt resulted in a goal. Puchacz who was positioned on the flank crossed the ball into the box and Skrzypczak tapped it into the back of the net. It was the youngster’s first goal for Lech. In the 62nd minute, Widzew came close to pulling one goal back following Mleczko’s mistake but Kostevych returned in time to stop the ball from falling into the back of the net. A couple of minutes later, Puchacz decided for an individual run and managed to dribble around three defenders and send a pass to Moder. However, the latter’s shot was blocked.

For a long period of time, the team from Poznan occupied Widzew’s penalty area, remaining in control of the ball. In the 79th minute, they set the score to 3:0 thanks to Jevtic who put pressure on the defenders and beat the goalkeeper one-on-one. Marchwinski’s and Puchacz’s cooperation on the pitch was one of the highlights of this game. The two of them created numerous scoring chances but none of them resulted in a goal. Amaral and Marchwinski both had opportunities to add another goal to Lech’s account, but their attempts were either blocked or slightly off target.

The match ended with a 3:0 win for Lech. The next training matches are scheduled for June 26th and 27th against Brondby Copenhagen and AEK Larnaka.

Lech Poznań - Widzew Łódź 3:0 (1:0)

Goals: Pedro Tiba (29.), Mateusz Skrzypczak (53.), Darko Jevtić (79.)

Lech Poznań: Mickey van der Hart (46. Miłosz Mleczko) - Michał Skóraś, Mateusz Skrzypczak, Tomasz Dejewski, Volodymyr Kostevych (65. Karlo Muhar) - Maciej Makuszewski (65. Darko Jevtić), Karlo Muhar (46. Tomasz Cywka), Pedro Tiba (46. Jakub Moder), Joao Amaral (46. Tymoteusz Puchacz) - Darko Jevtić (46. Filip Marchwiński) - Timur Zhamaletdinov (65. Joao Amaral)

Widzew Łódź (starting line-up): Patryk Wolański - Łukasz Turzyniecki, Sebastian Zieleniecki, Daniel Tanżyna, Marcel Pięczek, Łukasz Zejdler, Adam Radwański, Daniel Mąka, Michael Ameyaw, Rafał Wolsztyński, Przemysław Kita

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