2022-01-20 20:00

Lech Poznań - Dinamo Batumi 1:2

In the third friendly game held in Turkey, Lech Poznań lost to Dinamo Batumi 1:2. Dani Ramirez scored the only goal for the Polish side.

Dinamo Batumi is the current champion of the Georgian top division. Gia Geguchadze’s squad has just started the preparations for the upcoming season which kicks off on February 20th. Dinamo will begin the campaign with a Georgian Super Cup match against FC Saburtalo.

The first half of the friendly clash did not resemble the two previous training matches that Lech played in Turkey. Dinamo put up a real fight, applied intense pressing, and made life hard for the players from Poznań. As a result, in the 11th minute, the Georgian side came close to scoring. Bartosz Salamon’s mistake benefitted one of Dinamo’s strikers but luckily for the Polish team, his attempt was slightly off target. Wasted opportunities take revenge and just a few minutes later, the referee awarded Lech a penalty kick following a foul on Maksym Czekała. Dani Ramirez confidently converted the set piece into a goal.

Skorża’s squad was determined to secure the lead and had a perfect chance to do so. Pedro Tiba’s long pass set up Kristoffer Velde with a perfect goal-scoring opportunity. The Norwegian winger tried dribbling past the keeper, but he was fouled, and the referee awarded Lech another penalty kick. This time it was Velde that approached the ball but the goalkeeper intervened perfectly and saved Dinamo from conceding another goal.

Initially, the Georgian led most of their offensive attempts down the left flank where Irakli Azarovi was positioned. In the 29th minute, Dinamo was awarded a free kick which they converted into a shot on target, but Bartosz Mrozek’s intervention saved Lech from conceding a goal. However, the Georgian side didn’t let go and before the referee announced halftime, they managed to equalise. Dani Ramirez fouled one of Dinamo’s players in Lech’s penalty area and not only was the team from Batumi given a penalty kick but the Spaniard was also sent off the pitch. Vladimer Mamuchashvili effortlessly converted the opportunity into an equalizer for the Georgian side.

Dinamo kicked off the second half with a bang. Tomike Gaprindashvili’s phenomenal shot from outside the box changed the score to 2:1 for the Georgian team. From then on, Lech put even more focus on the offense but Dinamo’s defensive line guarded the penalty area really well. Nika Kvekveskiri came close to equalising, but his attempt was stopped by Giorgi Begashvili. 15 minutes before the final time, Pedro Rebocho and Joao Amaral could have changed the score but the latter’s shot turned out to be too weak to cause problems to Dinamo’s keeper. Despite dominating the match, Lech failed to find the back of the net again and it was Dinamo that triumphed in the friendly game.

Lech’s next training match – NŠ Mura – against is scheduled for January 22nd, 3:30 pm (Polish time).

Lech Poznań – Dinamo Batumi 1:2 (1:1)

Goals: Dani Ramirez (14.) - Vladimer Mamuchashvili (48.), Tomike Gaprindashvili (59.)

Lech Poznań line-up: Bartosz Mrozek (46. Filip Bednarek) - Joel Pereira (72. Filip Borowski), Maksymilian Pingot (64. Antonio Milić), Bartosz Salamon (32. Mateusz Skrzypczak), Alan Czerwiński (72. Pedro Rebocho) - Radosław Murawski (64. Jesper Karlstrom), Pedro Tiba (64. Nika Kvekveskiri) - Maksym Czekała (64. Jakub Kamiński), Dani Ramirez (45. Michał Skóraś), Kristoffer Velde (46. Jakub Antczak) - Filip Wilak (64. Joao Amaral)

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