Miłosz Mleczko

The 17 year-old goalkeeper joined Lech's senior squad at the beginning of the season and since then he has been training with the first team every day.


1999-03-01 Gorlice, Polska





Previous clubs


Stadion Śląski Chorzów (juniors)
Ruch Chorzów (juniors)


Due to Putnocky's injury, Mleczko was a part of the 18-men squad for the league clash with Slask. The player sat on the bench and for the first time in his life he had the chance to observe an Ekstraklasa match from the perspective of a footballer. "It is an amazing experience. The guys in the dressing room accepted me, but that is because it wasn't the first time that I joined the squad. I have already gotten to know my teammates during the training sessions so the adaptation process was easy," explained the young goalkeeper.

Mleczko is the third goalkeeper in Lech's first team. On weekends he is most likely going to play for the reserves team which is competing in the third league. "I am gaining crucial experience and I want to improve my skills. The more I play, the better it is for me. I hope I can avoid injuries for as long as it's possible. Gradually I am improving my shape and I gain essential experience," said the goalkeeper, who began his career at Ruch Chorzow.

The youngster has three role models. "Manuel Neuer and Thibaut Courtois, but I also like the way Claudio Bravo plays," explained Mleczko. "If I was to choose a characteristic from one of them, I would like to be as skilled at anticipating the events as Neuer is. He is also good at playing with his feet. I hope that people will soon have a similar opinion about me, since I believe this is something I am good at too," said the goalkeeper.

Next matches


08.07 godz.20:00
Lech Poznań
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Lech Poznań
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Lechia Gdańsk





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